“If marketing agencies are so good at what they do, they should be willing to shoulder some of the risks themselves in return for rewards. Thats what we do at The Primal Coast.”

– Brian K,
The Primal Coast Founder & CEO

What We Do

The Primal Coast is the most efficient and effective marketing agency around.

We pride ourselves on knowing the issues, knowing your audience, and creating highly effective digital media assets to accompany your message.

Our Verticals

Food and Beverages

The Primal Coast leads the digital advertising and food and beverage brands in the nation using Email, SMS, MMS, Native Advertising, and more.


The Primal Coast offers digital marketing solutions for major brands and teams connecting them with their consumers . We specialize in expanding reach and maximizing conversions.


Based right outside Chicago, IL., The Primal Coast operates from the business center of the midwest. We create highly effective, mission-critical digital assets and utilize proprietary advertising techniques to support our healthcare clients nationwide.

Media & Consumer Brands

The Primal Coast owns and operates several content platforms, as well as various consumer brands geared towards our audience of millions of engaged followers.

Who We Are

Learn more about our team, ethos, and service offerings.